Treatment tips

A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. On top of this, you may find it hard to:

  • Make sense of medical information
  • Get used to talking to doctors and nurses 
  • Understand the hospital system

It can take time to get used to this new normal. Read about your own cancer type to find out what kind of tests and treatment you might have. 

You can also talk to our cancer nurses if you have any questions about your treatment or the healthcare system.

If there’s a Daffodil Centre in your hospital, you can call in for information, advice and support. Or call our Support Line on Freephone 1800 200 700. 

Getting cancer information

Read our tips to help you make sense of medical language and to get reliable information about cancer.

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Cancer tests

Information on the different types of tests you might have – what they’re for and how they’re done.

Life on the ward

Understanding what happens when you’re staying in the hospital for your treatment.


Talking to doctors

Advice and tips to get the most from your doctor's appointments.

Getting a second opinion

Advice and tips on how to go about getting a second opinion about your cancer.

Preparing for your hospital appointment

Preparation is key to getting the most out of your hospital appointment. Being prepared also helps the doctors and nurses get all the information they need.

Coping at home between appointments

Feeling confused or having unanswered questions about your illness, treatment or side-effects can lead to worry when you’re at home. You may feel alone and not know where to go for support.


Vaccinations can help to protect you from certain illnesses, which can be especially important when you have cancer.


Information and advice on coping with symptoms and side-effects of cancer treatment.

Follow-up care

It’s very important to go to all your follow-up appointments so that your doctor can help you with any side-effects and spot and new problems early.

Read more


Information and resources for cancer patients, their carers and loved ones, and cancer survivors on coping with a cancer diagnosis.


Questions or concerns about cancer? Speak to a Cancer Nurse or find support in your local community.


Information and advice for patients and carers on organising transportation, work and money, and end of life care.

For more information?


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