Sarcoma Ireland

Shining a light on sarcoma

Who We Are

Sarcoma Ireland is the only non-profit in the Republic of Ireland exclusively supporting sarcoma patients.

Our non-profit was set up in 2021 and is run by sarcoma patients, for sarcoma patients, across the island of Ireland. Our working committee and Board of Trustees consist of a mix of sarcoma patients and carers who are intimately familiar with this rare cancer and how it impacts families. 

We began as a group of sarcoma patients and carers who connected organically through Facebook in 2016, desperately seeking out others who had been diagnosed with this rare cancer and providing much needed emotional support to each other. Our social media presence slowly developed over the next few years across other platforms, in an attempt to increase the general awareness of sarcoma and it’s early symptoms. As the group grew to include patients from north of the border, we recognised that our peers in the north benefitted greatly from well established charities based in the UK and Belfast, however there was nothing of comparison in the Republic of Ireland. 

In 2021, a small group volunteered to investigate setting up an official non profit organisation , and our working committee was established. Even though we are located in the Republic of Ireland, we represent and support sarcoma patients and their families across all 32 counties. 



To improve outcomes and experiences for sarcoma patients and their families throughout Ireland.

Our three pillars:


— Education

 Increase awareness of sarcoma symptoms to allow for earlier diagnosis, which in turn improves survival rates.


— Advocacy

Ensure clear pathways exist from diagnosis to treatment, and that no sarcoma patients are lost in the system.


— Support

Provide financial and emotional support to patients and carers as they navigate their treatment journey.