Coping with cancer

Dealing with the cancer itself is only one aspect of coping. Financial concerns, relationships with family and friends and work worries can pile on the stress when you least need it.

You can find information in these pages on the wider effects of cancer and how you can best deal with them.

Tips and resources for cancer patients

Information and advice on talking about cancer with loved ones and coping with your feelings, tips on treatment and side-effects, and dealing with practical issues like work, money, travel and more.

Information and support for carers and loved ones

Resources to help carers and loved ones of cancer patients to cope with a cancer diagnosis in their lives, including emotional support, financial advice, and dealing with palliative and end of life care.

Information and resources for cancer survivors

Information and advice for people after cancer treatment has finished, including dealing with emotions, side-effects, practical issues like money, work and insurance, tips on staying healthy and reducing risk of recurrence.

Want to talk to someone who's been there?

Through our Survivor Support programme we can match you with a volunteer who has gone through a similar experience.

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Additional resources

Information about complementary therapies

Information and advice for employers and workplaces

Organising transportation

More information on organising work and finances

Coping with side-effects of cancer treatment

Read tips on managing symptoms and side-effects during and after cancer treatment.

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Daffodil Centres

Irish Cancer Society cancer support centres located in hospitals across the country.


Support Line

How to get in touch with a cancer nurse through our Freephone Support Line 1800 200 700.


Local cancer support affiliates

A directory of local cancer support service centres around the country

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Working with cancer: Tips for employers

Tips for employers and colleagues for helping someone with cancer in the workplace.

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